Top 10 Most Valuable Mines

Can you list the world’s Top 10 richest working base and precious metal mines in 2022 as ranked by the aggregate value of mineral resources based on ruling commodity prices, along with their deposit type and ownership? With minimal effort, Mining Intelligence allows you to download reserve and resource values for mines globally. This granular data can be exported to excel, providing you with base data for your analyses.

Request a demo to see how Mining Intelligence can provide this data and more. We will walk you through how to filter and extract the data to identify the Top 10 most valuable mines based on their reported reserves and resources. After the demo we will send you the excel report for you to enjoy and do you own analysis.

Map the market – all commodities, all stages

Filter by stage, commodity exposure, location, geology, feasibility studies, mining technology, processing method, production, production costs 

Examine and compare projects/companies

Screen all development studies with full suite of comparables 

Export results to Excel

Create unlimited customizable search templates

Set up daily alerts on your searches

Find new prospects, contacts and partners

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