Solutions for Government Agencies Analyze, Identify, Evaluate, & Monitor

Governments play a key role in the mining industry to ensure compliance and promote a country as a place to do business.

Mining Intelligence is the tool every government agency needs to identify, analyze, monitor, and evaluate companies, projects and mines within their country and around the world.

As data gathers for over 30 years, Mining Intelligence is your trusted resource to put critical and timely information at your fingertips.

The Top 10 Foreign Countries with Ownership in Canadian Properties visualization to the right is one example of the data available in our platform.

Solutions for Governments Agencies


Be aware of what companies are exploring in a country

  • Company & Property profiles
  • Capital raisings
  • Detailed property ownership tree
  • Reserve & resource figures
  • Drill results


Determine resource potential of a country to present cases for funding

  • Country pages
  • Commodity pages
  • Company & Property profiles
  • Reserve & resource figures
  • Production figures
  • In situ valuations


Use as a method to monitor who is working within a country and what are governments doing to insure companies pay their taxes

  • Company & property profiles
  • Reserve and resource figures
  • Production figures
  • Capital Raisings
  • Detailed financial statements
  • Cost Estimating Software


Ensure that companies are following environmental procedures for exploration and production

  • Company & property profiles
  • Development studies to monitor projects as they move through various stages
  • Production figures
  • Reserve & resource figures
  • Processing facilities