White papers

Q2 2018 Capital Raisings: Uncertainty Prevails Across Mining Markets

September, 2018

Take a sneak peek at the current trends in mining equity capital raisings as we investigate the amount of capital raised through equity placement.

2017 Top Ten Mining Companies: Ranked by Profitability

September, 2018

When it comes to the evaluation of a company’s financial health, net profit margin is one of the most important and powerful indicators.

Mining Momentum: Highest-Grade Gold Mines for 2017

June, 2018

Find out which mines had the highest gold grades coming out of their mills in Q4 2017.

Mining Momentum: Leaders in Capital Raising for 2017

June, 2018

Explore our list of the top 2017 capital raising leading companies across world’s mining industry split into four distinct groups; producers, builders, developers and explorers.

2017 Gold Deposits: Boasting the Highest Grade Drill Intersects

February, 2018

Drill results are important indicators of project potential. This paper explains that while grade is a crucial factor in a drill results’ interpretation, other factors must be taken into consideration.

Gold Mining: The World's Cheapest Jurisdictions

October, 2017

Find out whether there is truth in the cliché that the best quality mining assets are often located in the higher-risk jurisdictions, and vice versa.

Automation: Mining's Biggest Untapped Opportunity

September, 2017

The automation revolution has arrived, and cost pressures are pushing mining to join the revolution. Discover highlights from mine automation over the past five years.

How Much Will It Cost? Acquiring Cost Data for Prefeasibility Studies

August, 2017

Costs are one of the biggest topics of discussion in the mining industry. Acquiring cost data to make “go/no go” decisions at early stages of a project is not simple.