Caribou Gold

Key Facts
  • UpdatedJun 07, 2011
  • CreatedSep 29, 2010
  • Asset TypeProject
  • LocationCanada
Latest Information
  • MD&A - English
    MD&A - English
    On Jun 07, 2011 from Sedar
  • Caribou / Cochrane Hill Agreement to Sell
    Scorpio Gold Corporation has Entered Into a Binding Letter Agreement With Steeple Holdings Limited Pursuant to Which Steeple has Agreed to Acquire the Company’S Interests in the Caribou Property and the Cochrane Hill Property Located in Nova Scotia, Canada.
    On Apr 11, 2011 from Sedar
  • Caribou Gold Termination of Option
    Harmony Gold Corp. Announced That it has Elected to Terminate the Option Agreement With Scorpio Gold Corporation, Whereby the Company was Granted the Option to Acquire a 100% Interest in and to Scorpio’S Caribou Gold Property, Nova Scotia, Canada.
    On Dec 20, 2010 from Sedar
  • Option With Scorpio and Director Appointed
    Harmony Gold Announced That it has Entered Into a Binding Preliminary Agreement, Subject to Regulatory Approval, With Scorpio Gold(Canada) to Acquire a 100% Interest in and to Scorpio’S Caribou Gold Property Located in Halifax County, Nova Scotia, Canada, and to Acquire Certain Equipment and Other Mining Assets Held by Scorpio Located on the Caribou Gold Property.
    On Sep 29, 2010 from Sedar

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