Kalimantan Coal

Key Facts
  • UpdatedJun 01, 2009
  • CreatedMar 30, 2008
  • Asset TypeProject
  • LocationIndonesia
Latest Information
  • Kalimantan Coal Project Update
    Australia Oriental Minerals Announced That Coal Mining Operations at Muara Teweh in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, Have Been Suspended as a Result of Sub-Economic Returns DUE to a Combination of the Weak Global Economic Outlook and the Complex Geology Resulting in a Lower Than Expected Inferred Coal Resource.
    On Jun 01, 2009 from ASX
  • Update on Activities of Indonesian Coal Project
    Update on Activities of Indonesian Coal Project
    On Apr 16, 2009 from Unknown
  • Quarterly Activities Report
    Quarterly Activities Report
    On Jul 24, 2008 from ASX
  • AOM to Acquire 30% Interest in Indonesian Coal Operation
    AOM to Acquire 30% Interest in Indonesian Coal Operation
    On Jul 02, 2008 from Unknown

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