Bootu Creek

Key Facts
  • UpdatedFeb 27, 2013
  • CreatedDec 30, 2006
  • Asset TypeProject
  • LocationAustralia
Latest Information
  • Half Year Accounts
    Half Year Accounts
    On Feb 18, 2013 from ASX
  • Annual Report to Shareholders
    Annual Report to Shareholders
    On Oct 22, 2010 from ASX
  • 2010 Annual Report
    2010 Annual Report
    On Sep 15, 2010 from ASX
  • Bootu Creek Drilling Commenced
    Brumby Resources Announced That a Reverse Circulation(Rc) Drilling Program Commenced at its Bootu Creek North Manganese Project in the Northern Territory, Australia. This First Pass Drilling Program of Approximately 2,500 Metres is Designed to Test Seven Electromagnetic Anomalies Previously Defined by Brumby in a Helicopter Supported Geophysical Survey.
    On Dec 09, 2009 from ASX
  • Non-Renounceable Entitlements Issue of Shares
    Brumby Resources Limited is Undertaking a 1 for 2 PRO Rata Non-Renounceable Entitlements Issue to Shareholders, to Raise a Minimum of Approximately$1.58 Million. the Entitlement Issue Will be Offered to Existing Shareholders on the Basis of one New Share for Every two Shares Held at the Record Date at an Issue Price of$0.05 PER Share to Raise Approximately$1.58M(Before Costs) . Based on the Company’S Current Issued Capital the Entitlement Issue Will Result in 31,657,703 Shares Being Issued. the Funds Raised are to Provide Additional Working Capital and Fund an Active Exploration Work Program During 2009/10, Focussing on the Company’S Prospective Bootu Creek North, Balla Yule and Goldsworthy Projects.
    On Oct 07, 2009 from ASX

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