Key Facts
  • UpdatedOct 28, 2015
  • CreatedApr 19, 2007
  • Asset TypeProject
  • LocationAustralia
Latest Information
  • Annual Report to Shareholders
    Jupiter Mines Announced a Substantial Upgrade in the High Grade Hematite Resource at its 100%-Owned MT Mason Project to 5.75 Million Tonnes at 59.9% FE, 3.5% Al2o3, 7.4% Sio2, 0.064% P and 3.0% LOI Using a 55% FE Cut-Off Grade. Importantly the Resource Remains Open to the North-East and Further Scope Exists for Extensional Drilling. the Resource Model Will Require Infill Drilling to Upgrade the Current Inferred Resource to Indicated and Measured Categories. in Total 22 Holes of RC Drilling was Completed Totalling 2108 Metres, the Drilling Generally Displayed Thick Occurrences of Massive Hematite /Maghematite And/Or Haematitic Bif. Some Magnetite was Also Seen, With a FEW Holes Intersecting Basement Ultramafic Rock. the Upgraded Resource Represents a 160% Increase Over the Previous Inferred Resource Announced in October 2007, and was the Result of a Very Successful Drill Program Which Included Significant Intersections(Holes 08Rcmm09(61M @ 65.5% FE From 16M) , 08Rcmm013(64M @ 60.6% FE) and 08Rcmm014(64M @ 60.5% FE) .
    On Sep 25, 2009 from ASX
  • Annual Report to Shareholders
    Annual Report to Shareholders
    On Oct 15, 2008 from ASX
  • Quarterly Activity Report
    Quarterly Activity Report
    On Jul 31, 2008 from ASX
  • Quarterly Activities Report
    Quarterly Activities Report
    On Apr 30, 2008 from ASX
  • Widgiemooltha Project Commences Drilling
    Widgiemooltha Project Commences Drilling
    On Apr 16, 2008 from Unknown

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