Sierra Miranda

Key Facts
  • UpdatedJan 13, 2016
  • CreatedApr 07, 2004
  • Asset TypeMine
  • LocationChile
Latest Information
  • Sierra Miranda Forsees to Duplicate Copper Cathode Production(s)
    Sierra Miranda Forsees to Duplicate Copper Cathode Production(s)
    On Dec 07, 2006 from Unknown
  • Sierra Miranda Presentation
    Sierra Miranda Presentation
    On Dec 31, 2005 from Upload
  • Environmental Regularization of Minera Sierra Miranda(Spanish)
    Environmental Regularization of Minera Sierra Miranda(Spanish)
    On Sep 09, 2005 from Unknown
  • Dover Option Terminated
    Dover Option Terminated
    On Jul 13, 2004 from Unknown
  • Acquisition of Sierra Miranda Mine Extended
    Castlerock Resources has an Option to Extend the Term of a Letter of Intent With Sierra Miranda Scm, First Announced in April, to Acquire the Sierra Miranda Copper Mine and Related Assets in Northern Chile. Castlerock now has Until November 30, 2004, to Ensure That the Closing Conditions are Satisfied, Including the Completion of DUE Diligence and to Close the Acquisition by the Execution and Delivery of a Purchase and Sale Agreement for the Mine Assets and Claims. Sierra Miranda Produces About 20 Million Pounds of Copper Annually Using Lsolution Extraction-Electrowinning Technology.
    On Jun 22, 2004 from Unknown

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