Key Facts
  • UpdatedNov 27, 2013
  • CreatedApr 30, 2002
  • Asset TypeMine
  • LocationUnited States
Latest Information
  • Reports 3RD Quarter Financial Results
    Alta Gold CO. Announced Results for the Third Quarter Ended Sept. 30, 1999. the Company Reported a NET Loss of US$5,491,000($0.16/Share) From Revenue of US$3,000,000, as Compared With a NET Income of US$696,000($0.02/Share) From Revenue of US$5,237,000 for the Third Quarter of 1998. Revenue Fell During the Quarter in Response to the Company's Decision to Suspend Operations at Olinghouse in Order to Maintain Short-Term Liquidity. a Write Down of$2,168,000 was Also Recorded as a Result of an Unanticipated and Precipitous Deterioration in the Gold Recovery Rate at Griffon. in April, the Company Filed a Voluntary Petition for Relief Under the Provisions of Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code, Which was Denied an Extension.
    On Nov 11, 1999 from Unknown
  • 3RD Quarter Financial Report(10-Q)
    3RD Quarter Financial Report(10-Q)
    On Sep 30, 1999 from Edgar
  • Announces Bankruptcy Court Decisions
    it Seems That Us-Based Alta Gold INC is Still Dodging the Bullet When it Comes to Bankruptcy. the Struggling Gold Producer Announced Yesterday That it has Succeeded in Convincing the Authorities to Accept its Motion to Dismiss its Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Proceeding OFF Calendar. Unfortunately for Alta, the Authorities Have Denied the Company's Request for More Time to Reorganize. in Addition, a Sales Agent was Appointed to Assist in Raising Additional Capital Through the Sale of the Company's Various Assets.
    On Sep 09, 1999 from Unknown
  • Bankruptcy Court Continues Motion to Dismiss
    Alta Gold CO Announced That the United States Bankruptcy Court has Granted a Continuance of the Company's Motion to Dismiss its Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Proceeding and has Established Sept. 8, 1999, as the Continuance Hearing Date. the Company has Filed the Motion on the Basis of an Offer the Company Received From a Potential Investor for the Purchase of an Interest in Olinghouse.
    On Sep 01, 1999 from Unknown
  • Reports 2ND Quarter Financial Results
    Alta Gold CO Reported a NET Loss for the Sixth Month Period Ended June 30 of US$$2,119,000 Compared With an Income of US$480,000 for the Previous Year.
    On Aug 17, 1999 from Unknown

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