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Mining Intelligence Data is Used For

Save days of research with Mining Intelligence

Map the market – all commodities, all stages – over 39,000 projects.

Filter by stage, commodity exposure, location, geology, feasibility studies, mining technology, processing method, production, production costs – with option to link/filter by company financials, capital raisings, royalties, and more.

Examine and compare projects/companies.

Screen all development studies with full suite of comparables – scoping, PEA, pre-feasibility, feasibility, optimization and expansion. Includes details of consultants.

Export results to Excel.

Create unlimited customizable search templates.

Set up daily alerts on your searches.

Find new prospects, contacts and partners.


All our packages include core mining company and property data

MI Student

6 Month Subscription

MI Research

Annual Subscription

MI Premium

Annual Subscription

MI Enterprise

Annual Subscription

Core Data Module

The Core Data Module includes basic data on each company and property in the database and is the foundation of the Data Application.

Company Data

Core company data includes head office information, commodity and asset type exposure, properties owned, as well as market and financial data.
You can view this data on an individual company basis, with the ability to download the company profile as a pdf, or as a comparative table with other companies.

Property Data

The Property Data includes an overview of a property, including commodity exposure, type of operation, location, and development status, as well as the ownership structure, production and reserves and resources of the property. As with our Company Data, our Property Data can be viewed on an individual basis, and includes the original source documents, or as a comparative table with other properties.

Add-On Modules

In addition to the Core Data Module, additional data sets can be added as modules to the MI Basic and MI Premium packages.

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